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The red and white go from the audio out on your source to the audio in for your speakers (which may also be a part of your TV set). K views ·. View upvotes. So I then plugged the yellow cord into the green hole and it worked fine I used to have a tv that only had the hd color plugs (WRGBR) so. A secondary color is formed by the sum of two primary colors of equal intensity: cyan is green+blue, magenta is blue+red, and yellow is red+green. I have a new tv on the back it's got a while blue and green how do you hook a DVD player with the white red and yellow to the back of the tv. More by The Green and Yellow TV. sinister barrier. Sinister Barrier. Record X. As Performed By © records records. About Your Privacy. Popular Albums by The Green and Yellow TV. Sinister Barrier. Album • Record X. Album • As Performed By Album • © records records. Perform Connection. The connection method depends on the terminals of the TV. If the TV has a VIDEO IN terminal (yellow). The color system that best matches the human eye is the red-green-blue color system. For additive color systems like computer screens, the. The primary additive colors, or colors of light, are red, green, and blue. So you may get an RBY team where yellow replaces green, or an RBGY team of. For most televisions · Look for component inputs on your TV. · Plug the yellow end of the Wii A/V cable into this green Y input. · Turn on your Wii console and set.

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