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The Most Affordable Housing In The Uk – In The City Of Londonderry

The availability of buying residential property for the British since 2008 has grown by almost a quarter. Such data lead bank Lloyds TSB in its last analytical review of the availability of prices for a residential real estate in cities in the UK. According to the information of this bank, at the end of March this year the average price of urban housing in the country was 172,556 pounds sterling. This is 5.6 gross average incomes for the year – 22% below the peak of 7.2 revenues in 2008.

Increasing the availability of residential property for residents of Britain, in fact, due to the fall in housing prices in cities by 17% from a peak of 207,387 pounds in 2008. And the average earnings in the towns for the same period grew by 7%.

All ten most affordable cities for residential property buyers are in the northern regions of the United Kingdom, and 12 cities with the least affordable housing are concentrated in southern England.

The most affordable housing UK – in the city of Londonderry, the administrative center of the same district in Northern Ireland. Here, according to Lloyds TSB, the average price of residential property is 94,776 pounds sterling. This is 3.38 gross annual earnings. Two more cities with the most affordable prices for housing – Lisburn, and Belfast – are also located in Northern Ireland.

The most inaccessible housing for middle-income Britons in the city of Oxford, which is called the “world capital of education.” Here the average price for the residential real estate is almost at the level of Greater London and is 299,459 pounds. And this is nearly ten annual average earnings in the area. In the ranking of inaccessibility of housing for Oxford, there are three cities in the south-west – Salisbury, Bath, and Truro.

According to the Independent, in the housing market of Greater London, the average price now stands at 300 412 pounds, which is 6.9 gross income in the capital. The most accessible areas of London – Greenwich, and Bromley, the most inaccessible – Kensington, Chelsea, and Westminster. According to the National Building Society of Great Britain, in March this year, the rise in house prices in the country reached its maximum rate since March 2010.

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The Number Of Affordable Housing Is Increasing In The Uk

In the UK, 66,640 units of new housing have appeared this year, which is 55% more than a year ago. It should be noted that this is the fastest growth recorded since 1993. ManchesterSpecialists of the real estate market argue that this is a consequence of the government’s policy aimed at increasing the number of affordable housing.

Almost two-thirds of the increase in the number of social and affordable housing offered for rent. And affordable housing in the UK, owned, increased by 41%. Therefore, it can be said that the state plans to create a million housing units by 2020 are close to implementation. Affordable housing offered for rent or purchase is the best start for young people and families.

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